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What's included?

Interactive group sessions

Ten interactive 120-min group sessions

Individual consultation sessions

Five individual 30-min consultation sessions

Training materials

Worksheets and interactive assignments for a deep dive into each topic

 Training program

Ten modules in ten weeks



Defining / uncovering / claiming your passion and specific skills and strengths discovery - foundation to build upon.

Outcome: Claiming the area of activity where your natural talent meets personal passion.


Contextual reset

What kind of business you are trying to build? What's freedom, risk, security, failure, success, work, money, wealth, modesty, greed, status, and lifestyle to you - analysis of preconceptions and expectations.

Outcome: Realistic assessment of what you are getting yourself into and why.

    WEEK 3

    Who is my audience?

    Matching your passion and specific skills with the pain or need that some people are willing to pay for to get help with.

    Outcome: Identifying the intersection between the world's needs and your expertise, product, or service.

    WEEK 4


    What will I offer and to whom exactly? Value proposition and the first notion of the product or service.

    Outcome: Rough outline of your offering and prospective target audience.

    WEEK 5


    Business model design. Setting up a minimal infrastructure: solo operation, a team of independent coworkers/entities, or a company.

    Outcome: Understanding what you need to build in order to get the idea off the ground.

    WEEK 6


    Product market fit discovery, positioning and differentiation, pricing.

    Outcome: The initial outline of the minimum viable product or service, its intended audience and the approach for refining and optimizing both.

    WEEK 7


    Strategy of marketing and sales

    Outcome: The initial outline of a repeatable, profitable (and potentially scalable) growth model along with the approach for improving and fine-tuning it

      WEEK 8


      Optimal organization and/or network: growing, pruning

      Outcome: Clear ideas for the organizational setup and ways of collaboration with other individuals, groups and/or companies

      WEEK 9


      Day-to-day management, shifting gears between survival, sustainability and growth, opportunities and risks of outside sources (govt grants, bank loans, investor money)

      Outcome: Understanding the principles of managing money that are tailored to your particular idea, field of work, and life objectives

      WEEK 10

      Self-driven mindset and skills

      Essential skills/discipline for developing a self-driven mindset.

      Outcome: Enhanced comprehension of personal traits, habits, and skills one can cultivate in order to improve the likelihood of success.

      Your time investment

      To keep up with the pace of the training and make the best of your investment, schedule a minimum of 5 hours a week for self-study during the 10 weeks of the training. Make it non-negotiable.


        • Clear roadmap
          • clarity on internal strengths and weaknesses and external roadblocks and opportunities

          • first draw of your service/product + a definition of the target market with buyer personas, with directions for further refinement of both

          • marketing and sales methods, channels and processes

        • Step by step action plan
          • expected timeline

          • expenses and potential income

        What about a business plan? You can always write one based on the above! While strategy is crucial, fixed plans are less powerful than being aware of the reality around you. Keep your eyes on the road and opportunities far greater than you could initially plan will present themselves.  Same goes for the obstacles.


        Group live calls take place Thursdays at 7pm CET, January 18th - March 28th, except February 8th

        One-on-one session are scheduled individually during the course of the training.

        Your guides

        Marko Kovač

        I began my professional journey as a software developer and an architect. From the very beginning, I was keenly interested in discovering ways to develop a profitable and scalable business model based on software products. From 2001 to 2008 I established three different companies, and the last one proved to be a success story. It started as a bootstrapped Croatian software company and grew into an international business with over 1000 customers spread across 80 countries, with headquarters in Boston, USA. After ten years as a CEO, I retired from operational management. I am now focused on helping other entrepreneurs by advising and investing.

        Anyway, my main interest is the experiential nature of life itself. I completed a four-year psychotherapy training and dedicated years to exploring the interplay between the body and mind through activities such as endurance sports, wilderness retreats, entheogens, and meditation.

        For more info visit:

        Tatjana Mesar

        I`ve never had a 9 to 5 job in my life. I’ve built a successful business in the field where many scramble to make ends meet: yoga and spirituality. And I did it on my own terms in Berlin. Starting small without thinking small and learning the ropes on the go, I created my Dynamic Mindfulness school from scratch. Today, more than 120 teachers from 40+ countries around the globe teach this style. My programs generate generous passive income and I’m reorienting toward business coaching and mentoring.

        I’ve studied classical music, and before building my yoga business, I was playing in high brow settings and improvisational venues in New York and Berlin. Musician at heart, I still think in terms of classical structure meets improvisational play in all of my ventures.

        And yes, for the last 20+ years I study and practice chan buddhism which provides the foundation for it all.

        For more info visit:


        Our pricing policy is correlated with the average monthly net salary of the country you’re coming from. One average salary is your fee for this program.
        We believe this reflects your determination and dedication.

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